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We have previous Consumer Confidence Reports on file and available if interested.

2014 Consumer Confidence Report

2012-2013 CCWC By-Laws          1990 CCWC By-Laws

Original 1988 Water CoOp Agreement           CCWC Leak Policy & Procedure

cedar creek water co-operative

You may contact a Water Cooperative board member if you have

questions regarding water service, emergencies, or billing inquiries. 


2017 CCWC Board Members:

Mike Griego 
Phil Howard

Bob Landers
Andy Ferretti

John Richardson

Important Cedar Creek Water Users Information

Select the button below to access the 2015 Sanitary Survey  Report for  the Cedar Creek Water Co-Operative. The report identifies a drinking water requirement that was not met by the CCWC and how the CCWC has submitted the necessary papers to comply with the requirements. 

2015 Sanitary Survey Report                    Water Board Annual Meeting Minutes

Cedar Creek Homeowners' Association

Reports, Policy, Procedures and By-Laws

Water Wells Update (19 April 2016)

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providing a detailed update of the Cedar Creek Community Water System

Water Wells Update Memo

P.O. Box 1056, Placitas, NM  87043