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No Flowers Currently Blooming in Cedar Creek

Bird Sightings in Cedar Creek

Visit this page to find a display of plants blooming and list of bird sightings in Cedar Creek. I am learning the local plants so, sometimes I will add a question mark beside a name indicating, I'm not sure.  If you know, please tell me. The most recent blooms are displayed first. When you see something interesting let me know and I will share it.  By-the-way: At this elevation we have significant micro-climates which cause plants to bloom early or late depending on their specific location. 

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American Robin

Canyon (Brown) Towhee

Cassin's Finch

Cassin's Kingbird

Common Crow

Common Raven

Crissal Thrasher

Curve-billed Thrasher

Dark-eyed Junco

Great Horned Owl

House Finch

Mountain Chikadee

Plain Titmouse

Red-shafted Flicker

Red-tailed Hawk

Ringed Turtle Dove

​Rock Dove

Rough-Legged Hawk

Say's Phoebe

Scaled Quail

Scrub Jay

Spotted Towhee

White-winged Dove

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