Home and Mail Box Break-ins Reported (Allen Mills, February 2017)

Reported here is Lieutenant Mills' report for home burglaries and mail box crimes. They are also working with the U.S. Postal Inspector and APD on these incidents and others that have occurred in Sandoval County and Abq..   

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Wild Land Fire Safety  (January 30, 2017)

Every year, wildfires burn across the U.S., and more and more people are living where wildfires are a real risk. But by working together, residents can make their own property - and their neighborhood - much safer from wildfire. 

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Annual Cedar Creek Homeowners' Association and Cedar Creek Water Co-Operative Board Meetings

​The Annual members' meeting is set for January 28 at the Placitas Community Center on Camino de las Huertas Road. Our water Co-Operative will start the meeting at 9 AM followed by the Homeowners' Association meeting at

10:30 a.m.  We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.  Click button to open a proxy for your vote.  

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Well #3 Status Report - Cedar Creek Water Cooperative (July, 2017)  

Good Day CCWC Members,
Your Water Board is happy to inform you that the New Mexico Environmental Department and the Office of the State Engineer have officially accepted our application of completion for Well #3.  Well #3 is officially our primary well and is producing over 21 gallons a minute. Well #1, our original well, and well #2 also continue to produce.  At this time, the request for heightened water conservation is officially rescinded.  Please continue to use our water wisely and conservatively as possible especially during the summer months.  Water leaks pose our largest stress to our water system.  Please check for leaks from evaporative coolers, drip irrigation system and toilet flappers.  
We are currently working on the next phase of improvements to our water system and will update you as the project develops.
Thank you,
CCWC Board Members

Cedar Creek Water Line Break

I am happy to report that our water is back on.  J&J Utilities repaired the pipe leak on Cedar Creek Road shortly before noon on Saturday, Sept. 30. The water system shutdown commenced shortly before 9 a.m.  J&J will finish cleaning up the site on Monday, October 2.  Mr. Jacob Maes and his crew from J&J replaced a 3-foot section of 3-inch PVC pipe that fractured near a clamp collar. They said the break was from a previous repair. We apologize for the inconvenience. Remember to look to your email for water system updates and other community alerts.
John Robertson, Secretary, Cedar Creek (volunteer) Water Coop

P.O. Box 1056, Placitas, NM  87043

Cedar Creek Homeowners' Association

Annual Cedar Creek Community Social 

This year the Cedar Creek Home Owner's Association will conduct the annual dinner and social on September 16, from 2 to 6 PM.  Ms. Pat White has generously offered to host the event at her home at 4 Hohokam Court. Plan to join the party for delicious food, fun games, and to socialize with your wonderful neighbors.

Black Bear Visiting Cedar Creek - July 14-15, 2017

Evidence has been found indicating a bear visited Cedar Creek. Two residents had their trash tipped over and another found bear scat in Orno Creek.  "I had a bear visit my property Friday night.  He tore down birdfeeders, emptied my trash can and even carried or dragged a trash can which is normally kept in my back courtyard next to my house inside my courtyard wall full of 40lbs of birdseed and sunflower seed OVER my courtyard wall and had a feast!"  "He or she got my trash can Saturday night."  BTW- Repeated calls to Game and Fish can result in the killing of the bear. To save the wildlife, the better solution is to keep our property in order.

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