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The Cedar Creek community organizes several social and maintenance events each year for the home owners to keep in touch and maintain our beautiful community.  The Board of Directors for the CCHOA also want to share news heard, seen, or discovered that might be of interest to you. Your input regarding news is encouraged and appreciated. We will do our best to quickly post what you share.

If you have questions, concerns or interest in participating in these events, let us know.   HOA@cedarcreekplacitas.com

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Summer Social a Success!

Thank you for joining the 2016 summer picnic. Great food, conversation, and door prizes.  Everyone had a good time.  A huge thank you to Chris for hosting and organizing the fun event. Everyone is looking forward to next years Social.

If you want to schedule an event and/or help with an event, let us know.   HOA@cedarcreekplacitas.com


P.O. Box 1056, Placitas, NM  87043