We currently have two openings for Architectural Control Committee volunteers. Join us to help review new architectural projects in Cedar Creek.

Remember, If you have questions regarding CCHOA Covenants, New Mexico Dark Skies Ordinance and other related property issues contact an AC committee member.  

Architectural Control Committee Members Include:
Chris Landers            

Email Your Questions To:   ACC@cedarcreekplacitas.com


Reminder from the ACC:

Help protect our Cedar Creek dark skies by assuring your outside lights are shielded and shine downward. Help save the planet, turn them off when not needed.

                            Read about outside lights in the CCRs.

Thank You.

Architectural Control Committee

Positions Available

Exterior Remodel Project Proposal Form

New Construction Project

Proposal Form

This committee is part of the Homeowners' Association.  Please contact an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) member during the design phase of your new construction and exterior remodel project. Review the CCHOA Covenants to assure your plans are in compliance with the CCRs. Then, use the appropriate ACC project proposal form below and submit your plans for review. Open, print and save the forms using these two buttons.

Cedar Creek Homeowners' Association

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